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Jobs Number Work place Release date
Inside clerk 1 Fenghua 2018-11-23

Female health, high school and above, aged between 20-35 years old, able to operate computer and other office equipment, have good communication skills, work proactive, responsible, salary negotiable.

Reserve cadre 5 Fenghua 2018-11-23

Gender and professional are not limited to 18 years of age, can endure hardships, willing to learn; obey the work arrangements of departmental leaders, welcome to the session
Graduates apply for 2600-3400 yuan
Benefits: payment of social security; once-a-year tour; free working meals and accommodation; year-end assessment bonus; once a year
Medical examination; high temperature fee; paid annual leave, etc.

Informatization specialist 若干 Fenghua 2018-11-23

Male, college degree or above, computer related major 22-30 years old, local priority, salary negotiable.
1. Ensure the normal operation of the ERP system and deal with problems during operation (ERP process / production process / supply chain process /
Basic data maintenance);
2. Make adjustments and settings for the ERP system in accordance with the actual situation of the company;
3. Assist relevant departments to review existing processes to meet system requirements;
4. Maintain the normal and safe operation of the ERP server;
5. Operator's authority management and settings;
6. Coordinated communication with the ERP software implementation company;
7. Setting and adjustment of various types of documents;
8. Regularly report to the department heads and senior management on the implementation of the work.
9. Indirectly responsible for network maintenance, computer management;

Salesman 1 Fenghua 2018-11-23

Male, high school or above, preferred driver's license, skilled office software, good communication skills, hard work,
Work proactive, responsible, basic salary + commission.



8:00 - 18:00

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