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[Watt line technology] Don't worry about the problem of face paper wrinkles, start from the following two aspects to solve

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Corrugated paper pleats are creases on the paper, which is a fatal problem for carton printing. When the printed surface encounters creases, printing defects such as whitening may occur. Generally, the wrinkles of the cardboard are caused by uneven tension control, and other aspects are the problems of the original paper itself.
Paste machine
When the tension of the balance stick or the base paper frame is improperly adjusted, the paper will wrinkle, and the brake of the original paper frame will be loose on one side. When passing the balance stick, the original paper will be uneven. Therefore, we should pay attention to the production. When we see unevenness of the facial tissue, we need to adjust the tension of the base paper brake, the balance stick and the preheating cylinder to ensure that the facial paper enters the double-sided machine smoothly.
Base paper
The corrugated paper wrinkles can also cause wrinkles in the production process. Because wrinkles appear on the paper, corrugation will occur, and wrinkles will occur during the bonding process. First, it can be solved by adding a spray device, increasing the humidity of the paper, adjusting the tension of the corrugated paper and increasing the coating angle of the preheating cylinder. Secondly, when the moisture of the facial paper is unevenly entered into the double-sided machine, the temperature of the paper is not uniform, and the temperature is not uniform, and the facial paper will shrink, resulting in wrinkles during the bonding. This type of situation can be solved by adjusting the angle of the preheating cylinder, or by using a spray device, and meeting the flatness requirements of our cardboard.


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